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2000-Present provides uplifting quotes via the web site, an email newsletter, and social media.

Site Features:

  • Two-factor login authentication using Google Authenticator
  • File change notification to prevent malicious code insertions
  • Scheduled backups
  • Automated site updates
  • Integrated social media posting

I started Inspiration Daily in 2000 after being fortunate enough to acquire a perfect domain name for the project. Before the age of WordPress and other easy-to-use site builders, I made a simple daily quote engine using MySQL and PHP. I used the site to earn advertising revenue and also to promote my own art projects.

In 2017 I re-implemented the site from the ground up using WordPress. My goal was to improve the website in a variety of ways, including automated social media integration, advanced security, and SPAM folder avoidance for newsletter recipients. I implemented the automatic posting of quotes to nine of the most popular social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest and tumblr. Additional security measures were put in place, including two-factor authentication via Googel Authenticator, file change notification so I am alerted if a file on the web server is maliciously altered, and brute force attack protection. The new site is also integrated with Rackspace’s MailGun, robust software focused on Email deliverability.