Media Titan, Inc. – Founder / CEO

In 2000 I started a company called Media Titan. The company provided fully integrated design, marketing and programming services for small businesses. By integrating three critical and connected aspects of a modern business, we were able to provide our clients highly efficient solutions to finding and keeping customers. The company grew to four programmers, two client and sales representatives, one designer, and one marketer. We offered a vast array of business services, including:

Programming and Technical Services:

  • Project management
  • PHP and object-oriented software development
  • MySQL database development
  • Linux web server administration
  • SSL and encryption
  • Security
  • Ecommerce
  • cPanel

Marketing Services:

  • Organic search engine marketing
  • Pay-per-click search engine marketing
  • Advertising purchasing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Backlink generation
  • Guerrilla marketing
  • Social media
  • Copy writing

Design Services:

  • Graphic design
  • Design strategy
  • Video production
  • Web site design
  • Illustration
  • Print layout and production
  • Photography
  • Vector graphics
  • 3D modelling
  • Logo design
  • Storyboarding
  • Typography

Over the years the company created custom online databases, search engine marketing campaigns and compelling graphics. In 2004 we launched a Business Creator service, software to manage day-to-day business tasks including:

  • Web site updates
  • Ecommerce
  • Lead and customer management
  • Autoresponders
  • Email newsletter marketing
  • Web traffic statistics
  • Blogging and forum management
  • Login administration

Whether our clients needed our full suite of business software or one-off jobs, we were able to help clients of all types.

Clients Included:

  • 3in1Box
  • 8 Board
  • After the Wedding Day
  • Armell Appraisal
  • Business Tax Recovery
  • California Technology Solutions
  • Care Placement
  • Complete Web Business
  • Divine Surf Design
  • DueBak
  • EDJ Designs
  • Eidon Ionic Minerals
  • Flexxx DPM
  • Great Western Home Loans
  • Grimes and Warwick Lawfirm
  • Hendrick Appraiser
  • LA Mill
  • Latin Instruments
  • Modern Image
  • Mutt Rescue
  • Neuro Sentinel
  • Pup Snax
  • San Diego Business Law Firm
  • Sea Bird Adventure
  • SEEDS Educational Services
  • The Condo Company
  • Total Patient Services
  • Universal Financial Corporation
  • World Wide Fishing

In addition to working with small businesses, Media Titan also created a variety of informational web sites that generated revenue via advertising. One of our most successful sites was The site, sold in 2014, provided information on rooftop solar and matched buyers with pre-qualified solar installers.

Former Client Testimonials

  • “Having been in marketing for many years, one of my biggest frustrations has always been integrating the different parts of the marketing, sales and customer relationship management equation. When we started our most recent marketing venture, we were looking for a solution that would streamline our marketing efforts and help us track our most productive activities.

    The Business Creator Pro application has been the answer to integrating our marketing, sales and customer relationship management functions into one place that works for everyone in our organization. In addition, the team at Media Titan has been very responsive to customizing the system to fit our specific needs. We now consider the technology solution they have provided us as one of our biggest strengths and competitive advantages instead of our biggest frustration.”

    Steven J. Anderson, Founder and President
    Total Patient Service Institute

  • Media Titan has been an integral part of building our business. Since we started using your services we have been able to greatly increase our efficiency and revenue. Thank you for all your work.

    Meyer L. Proler, M.D.

  • “Business Creator Pro did a wonderful job of building the Sea Bird Adventure web site from the ground up. I gave general direction of what I wanted and they ran with it. As our project has grown, the system has been able to grow with us to include sign up forms, surveys, auto responders and frequent site updates. I highly recommend the services of Business Creator Pro.”

    Kris Land, Founder and Owner
    Sea Bird Adventure
  • “Media Titan has provided a variety of services from artwork, computer programming, to creating a web-site. Media Titan has responded to our small company’s needs with professional, efficient, and quality work. I would highly recommend their services.”

    Seeds Educational Services, Inc.
    Stacy F. Everson
  • “I want to write and thank Halstatt and Tad at Marketing Titan for the web support provided for Universal Financial Consultants.

    The rolling banner on my email form has created a great deal of interest back to my web site and all the work that your webmaster has done to rebuild my site has truly changed the way that my company operates on a daily basis. In the past, I would have to access public websites for quoting purposes (one at a time), but with your expertise, I can now pull multiple quotes right from the quoting engines installed on my own site for both the life and the health insurance carriers. I have now opened these engines up for public access, enabling me to have a much bigger presence on the web, and giving my clients a tool that they could not get elsewhere in the past.

    Thank you for the marvelous marketing and design work and the personal assistance you have provided me in building this project. I am referring some of my best clients to you.

    Barry Waxler
    Universal Financial Consultant

After fourteen intensive years in the technology field, by 2013 I was ready for a change and Media Titan stopped taking on new clients. The company continues today managing a few self-owned web sites such as Inspiration Daily.